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Welcome to Campus! If you are at UNSW, we are here to serve you. Every week of Term, we have students, staff and post-graduates from every faculty meeting to read the Bible – both at main campus and at Art and Design. Campus Bible Study exists for those who know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and those open to discovering what His death and resurrection means for them. So whoever you are, join us to meet others, and grow in knowing God and learning to live joyfully in His service.

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Engaging and applied talks from the Bible exploring what God says to us today!

The Bible Talk is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 12pm during term.

 Tues 12pm | Central Lecture Building (CLB) 6
    Wed 12pm | Central Lecture Building (CLB) 6   
Thurs 12pm | Colombo Theatre A                       

You can also find livestreams of our past talks at

Meet others in small groups to read the Bible, share life and pray together.

  Mon | 12pm, 1pm
  Tues | 11am, 2pm
| 11am        

Thurs | 11am, 3pm
Fri | 12pm    

Read an account of Jesus’ life with a couple of others to explore who Jesus is.

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Learn to think deeply about God and our world and how we live day-to-day.

Tues 4pm | Colombo Theatre A       
      Wed 2pm | New South Global Theatre

Small group courses that equip every Christian to live serving their King.

 Tues | 3pm
  Wed | 3pm
Thurs | 2pm

Get involved on main campus as you’re able, but we also run regular Bible Studies and Bible Triplets at Art & Design, as well as occasional Talks and Training.

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Medicine Faculty

Get involved on main campus as you’re able, but we also run regular Bible Studies, Core Training and Bible Triplets at Upper Campus during Med terms.

Bible Studies | Every Tues & Wed 11am
Core Training & Bible Triplets | Sign up at

You’re welcome at all of the above gatherings, but we also have Bible Studies and Prayer Groups and one-to-one catch-ups designed specifically for you.

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Prayerfully proclaiming the crucified Christ as Lord of all,
we evangelise, teach, train and send each other
as God’s servants into all the world.

Meet the Team

Rev. Tim Rowe

Campus Pastor

Tash Leong

Campus Women’s Pastor

Kitty Chan

Campus Women’s Pastor

Sandra King

Campus Associate Pastor


Arts, FBE, & Art & Design Trainee


Arts, FBE, & Art & Design Trainee


Arts, FBE, & Art & Design Trainee


Business Trainee


Business Trainee


Business Trainee


Education Trainee


Education Trainee


Engineering Trainee


Engineering Trainee


Engineering Trainee


Medicine Trainee


Medicine Trainee


Law Trainee


Law Trainee


Science Trainee


Science Trainee


Science Trainee

Why join CBS?

Hear from some students about the opportunities that are available for evangelism, teaching, training, and sending with Campus Bible Study. 

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What's On

Sign up for Term 3, 2022

Plan to meet with others to learn from God’s word, make deep friendships, and keep exploring and investing in your relationship with Jesus! You can also use to help plan your timetable.

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Engage with God’s life-giving, life-changing word through these interactive talks designed to fit into the UNSW timetable. The same talk is repeated three times each week, followed by afternoon tea if you’re able to stick around.

No prior knowledge required, though wherever you are at, we want to encourage, challenge and stretch you!


Join with a small group of students from your faculty for 1.5 hours each week to share life, learn from the Bible and pray together. Campus Growth Groups are a great way to connect with others at Uni, while working out how to read the Bible for yourself and discover who God is and how to live for Him.

We meet under the sundial in the Quadrangle, then sit at tables, on the grass (if the sun is shining) or in an empty room nearby.


Who is Jesus? How can we know? What does it mean to be a ‘Christian’? Why would I want to do that?

Bible Triplets are all about two (I know, not technically a triplet!) or three students meeting up each week to read the Bible and ask big questions together. 

If you have questions or aren’t sure where to start with reading the Bible, get in touch and we would love to help you!


If God has made the world and the Bible tells us how we are to live in the world, theology is all about knowing God truly and learning to view the world with His eyes.

CORE Theology is a fun and engaging weekly seminar that won’t let you sit back with indifference. Wherever you are, we want to stretch your thinking and firm-up your foundation to live rightly in service of God and others!


Because the Christian life is about service, CORE Training is a series of practical small group training courses. They will equip you to know and share what you believe, to read the Bible on your own and with others, to lead a Bible Study group, and help you transition from Uni to the rest of your life!

Make the most of your university years to be equipped to serve now and well into the future!


If you want to meet Christians, learn about the salvation Jesus offers, and how to read the Bible for yourself, we have a few Bible Study groups and pairs or triplets of students meeting to read and pray together. Let us know if you’re at the Art & Design campus in Paddington and we would love to connect with you!

We’d also encourage you to get involved with the teaching and training at main campus wherever you can.


Whether lecturing, researching, doing post-doc work or are part of the huge team of support staff, join with others to read the Bible and pray or explore how the claims of the Bible stand in the world of academia. 

We have a few groups meeting around the Campus, and a couple of pastoral staff with academic backgrounds. Get in touch to join a group, ask questions or meet with someone to read the Bible.

Rev. Carl Matthei

Carl serves CBS as senior pastor, teaching the Bible and overseeing the entire staff team. His greatest passions are proclaiming Jesus as Lord of all and caring for his wife Jenny and his four children (Caitlin, Laura, Rebecca and Joel). When he’s not working, he is spending time with his family or farming in his garden.