Welcome to
Campus Bible Study

“Welcome to Campus Bible Study! We are an evangelical Christian ministry, based on campus at the University of New South Wales. At our core is the central message of the Bible: that Jesus Christ was crucified as the saviour of the world and then raised as the Lord of all. As Peter proclaimed in Acts 4:12,

There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

This is what we proclaim. So if you would like to find out about Jesus, or already call yourself His disciple, join us on Campus or at one of our Churches.”

– Carl Matthei, Campus Bible Study Senior Minister

Join Us


A range of mid-week activities for all students, post-graduates and staff.

Sundays at 10am
Ainsworth G03 (J17)

A church community particularly suited for international students.

(with Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian and English gatherings on Friday nights)

Sundays at 6pm
Keith Burrows Theatre (J14)

A church community for students and graduates living near UNSW.

Prayerfully proclaiming the crucified Christ as Lord of all,
we evangelise, teach, train and send each other
as God’s servants into all the world.

What's On

CBS Thanksgiving

Gathering our CBS family of graduates, partners, parents, students and staff to celebrate God’s work on campus this year!

Join us for summer!

Come and get equipped at the beginning of 2024. And join us as we reach the campus and invite them to join us at CBS!

Simply Jesus

Join us for short talks from the Bible in easy English that helps you simply meet Jesus!


What question would you ask God? Would you like to find out His answer?

Sign up for Term 3, 2023

Plan to meet with others to learn from God’s word, make deep friendships, and keep exploring and investing in your relationship with Jesus! You can

Find out more


Because the Christian life is about service, CORE Training is a series of practical small group training courses. They will equip you to know and share what you believe, to read the Bible on your own and with others, to lead a Bible Study group, and help you transition from Uni to the rest of your life!

Make the most of your university years to be equipped to serve now and well into the future!


If God has made the world and the Bible tells us how we are to live in the world, theology is all about knowing God truly and learning to view the world with His eyes.

CORE Theology is a fun and engaging weekly seminar that won’t let you sit back with indifference. Wherever you are, we want to stretch your thinking and firm-up your foundation to live rightly in service of God and others!