Starting Uni?

Starting Uni?

Heading to uni in 2024? You might be feeling a whole range of emotions – excited, nervous, uncertain, or even ambivalent. You might not know what to expect, or you’re coming in with a whole heap of expectations. Either way, no matter how you’re feeling, uni is a new stage of life. It’s a fresh start, which brings new experiences, new freedoms, and new questions about yourself and the world.

How will you make the most of your uni experience?

Why join a uni Christian group?

Uni is a unique time of your life, which brings new opportunities to learn about yourself and the world. Uni is a time when you ask big questions and make big decisions. Why do you believe what you believe? How does God’s Word shape how you live? The relationships you make? The jobs that you work? How you use your new freedoms?

A Christian community at uni provides the space and support to keep growing in your understanding of God, yourself, and the world. Rather than doing it alone, you can work through these questions with people in the same life-stage, supported by upper year students and staff.

If you’re not sure which uni you’ll be going to, we’d love to connect you into the Christian group on your campus!

Come to Welcome Day!

Friday 2nd February 2024

Coming to UNSW? Welcome Day is a great way to meet new friends, hear from the wisdom of upper year students, and see what the Bible has to say about you and your time at uni. Keep the day free and join us on Campus at UNSW for a great start to the year! 

More info and rego at:

What is Campus Bible Study?

Campus Bible Study is the university Christian group based at UNSW. We meet on campus to read the Bible together, seeking to evangelise, teach, train and send each other. Whether you have grown up in church or you’re curious to find out more about who Jesus is, we would love for you to join us at CBS to learn from the Bible!

Check out this video to see what students have loved about their time with CBS!

Why join CBS?

Hear from some students about the opportunities that are available for evangelism, teaching, training, and sending with Campus Bible Study. 

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Dr. Jerome Jayasekera

Jerome was born in Malaysia, grew up in the US and spent time in Egypt. Having come to faith as a postgraduate student at uni, he loves the opportunities that uni life opens up to encountering Jesus. He is super keen to help everyone at uni, particularly postgrads and academics, find true meaning and life in Jesus. He loves spending time with his family, outdoor activities, and engaging in thought provoking conversations.


Because the Christian life is about service, CORE Training is a series of practical small group training courses. They will equip you to know and share what you believe, to read the Bible on your own and with others, to lead a Bible Study group, and help you transition from Uni to the rest of your life!

Make the most of your university years to be equipped to serve now and well into the future!


If God has made the world and the Bible tells us how we are to live in the world, theology is all about knowing God truly and learning to view the world with His eyes.

CORE Theology is a fun and engaging weekly seminar that won’t let you sit back with indifference. Wherever you are, we want to stretch your thinking and firm-up your foundation to live rightly in service of God and others!