If you could Chat with God, what would you ask Him?

If God made us in His image, it’s only natural for us to have questions about our creator! It doesn’t matter what you know about God or think about Him, we’d love to hear your questions. So, what would you ask?

Please keep in touch

Even more than hearing your questions, we’d love to help you find God’s answers! So, please leave your details below to hear God’s answers from the Bible to the most common questions (in wk 4). If you would like to find out more, just let us know what you’re interested in and we will be in touch!

Join us for the answers

In week 4 we will share God’s answers from the Bible to the most common questions. The times and locations are below … but check back in week 3 to hear the top questions! (If you left your details above, we will also message you the top questions and talk locations.)

Q1 Tues 3 Oct, 1-2pm
Science Theatre
Q2 Wed 4 Oct, 12-1pm
Macauley Th
(Easy English)
Q3 Wed 4 Oct, 1-2pm
June Griffith M18
Q4 Thurs 5 Oct, 1-2pm
Law Theatre
Q5 Sun 8 Oct, 10-11.30am
Ainsworth Theatre G03
(FOCUS International Church)
Q6 Sun 8 Oct, 6-7.30pm
Keith Burrows Theatre
Find out more…

ChatGOD is an initiative of Campus Bible Study at the University of New South Wales. To find out more and join us on Campus, please visit our website or see the details of some current activities below:


Because the Christian life is about service, CORE Training is a series of practical small group training courses. They will equip you to know and share what you believe, to read the Bible on your own and with others, to lead a Bible Study group, and help you transition from Uni to the rest of your life!

Make the most of your university years to be equipped to serve now and well into the future!


If God has made the world and the Bible tells us how we are to live in the world, theology is all about knowing God truly and learning to view the world with His eyes.

CORE Theology is a fun and engaging weekly seminar that won’t let you sit back with indifference. Wherever you are, we want to stretch your thinking and firm-up your foundation to live rightly in service of God and others!